Local Belizean Foods & Culinary Classes

Local Belizean Foods

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There is a wide array of local Belizean foods in due to its many different cultures which all contribute to the different traditional dishes. Belize Local foods include corn-based delicacies such as tamales, panades, tacos, and corn tortillas which are accompanied with refried beans, eggs and meats are all a contribution from Mestizo culture. Kriols have contributed to popular ‘boil up’ which is a blend of pig tails with hardboiled eggs and other ground food. Sere is also a famous delectable dish of the Kriol in Belize. This is a soup a soup usually made with fish, dipped in a coconut milk sauce accompanied with ground foods like cassava and cocoa. The Garinagu have contributed to the famous cassava bread, made from the cassava root that is grated and strained usually in a long woven basket by the older women in society. The access to the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea has added seafood to many culinary dishes; adding color and Caribbean taste to many exotic dishes including grilled lobster, conch fritters and fried fish.

rice and beans with local wine

Rice and Beans Served with local Wine

In addition to all these tasty dishes, the most famous and most traditional Belizean Dish is the Rice & Beans. Made up of rice and beans cooked together in coconut milk. This mouthwatering dish is usually served with stew (chicken, beef or pork), fried ripe plantain and potato salad; not to mention the fiery Marie Sharp’s pepper sauce or onion sauce made with habanero pepper. Yum…Yum..Yum…Tasty!!! In fact, many Belizeans claim that you can live on Rice and Beans alone.

So if you are a passionate cook and want to learn how to cook Belize local foods; here is your opportunity in San Ignacio, Cayo District. Marie Sharp’s Marie Sharp’s Tourist Center offers a culinary class Mondays through Saturdays. It is a recreational culinary class that gives you the opportunity to meet local chefs and learn some Belizean recipes such as the most loving rice and beans. They also offer local wine tasting whilst preparing your meal using fresh local produce. This is an incredible cultural experience where you make friends with locals and visitors alike but most important cook Belizean local foods.

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